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Waste Management Solutions

We offer different ways for our clients to manage pet waste beyond our regular lawn cleaning.  From in-ground digesting systems to pet waste stations, we have the solutions you need.  We can offer advice and recommendations on a system that is the best fit for you, and we'll install it! 

If you are an apartment community, park or other large common area don't worry we won't leave you with all the work!  If you choose The BOMB SQUAD for pets to install pet waste stations in your areas, we can service those stations (waste bag refills, waste removal, cleaning, etc.) weekly or as often as you like. 

Installation and servicing of stations is quoted on an individual basis.

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**station(s) pictured on this website might not represent current available models.  However, all stations we recommend and install are similar in design, quality and cost.  The exact specifications and pictures of the stations will be provided to customers BEFORE the order is confirmed. This is due to manufacturer modifications and availability.