for pets!


 " When nature calls, we pick up."


Frequently Asked Questions:



Do we have to sign a contract?

No.  You can stop and start service anytime, however, we do ask for a 24hr notice (email, or phone) so that we can rework our service routes. 


Do my pets have to be inside for The BOMB SQUAD to service my property?

No (unless your pet is aggressive).  We love pets so they can be left out, but if the technician feels he or she will not be safe then you will be called or we will leave a note explaining the situation. You will be charged for the service if we cannot access your property.



Do we need to leave the gate unlocked?
Yes.  On service days we need to be able to get to your yard so please leave your gate unlocked or make other arrangements with us.



Do you work year round?

Yes.  Your pets don't stop doing their business for the winter and neither do we.



Do you work in rain or snow?

Yes.   As long as it's safe for our technicians to do so, we work in light rain and snow.  However, if the weather is deemed severe or unsafe, we will service your property on the next day weather permits.


Do you leave the waste behind?

No. We bag and remove the waste (in an environmentally safe manner) from your property.  We don't want you to see, smell or worry about pet waste anymore!


What if I find pet waste after you have serviced my property?

If you find pet waste immediately after our technician has left from servicing your property, we will return and re-service your property at no cost to you.  Your satisfaction is our guarantee!



Doesn't dog poop help fertilize my lawn?

No.  Dog Poop may contain millions of bacteria which kill the grass, contaminate the soil and can make humans very sick.  It should be disposed of as soon as possible and never used for fertilizer.